Dropbox and Nextcloud/Owncloud icons fixed in Mint Linux

Hey folks,

We’ve all seen this probably, you install Linux Mint (or whatever Debian/Ubuntu based distro is your poison of choice lol) and you add the apt repo’s to install Dropbox/Nextcloud/OwnCloud, you install the app, it asks you nicely how you would like to log in, authenticates you, even starts synching as you can see the files pouring in, but wait!! where is the tray icon??

I like Dropbox/Nextcloud, as a matter of fact, my WordPress backups all live on Dropbox and get rotated and so forth (thanks to UpdraftPlus for that).
I use Nextcloud (which is a fork of Owncloud AFAIK) in my network to keep user profiles consistent across multiple OS and machines. If anyone is interested I’ll make a write-up on how to do this properly. 🙂

BUT the big caveat was that both didn’t show any icons in the tray bar of my favourite Linux Distro. I scoured forums etc and have come across the solution that simply introducing a delay into the startup of the app would solve it.

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a rant on my birthday

Right folks, it’s time for a little rant methinks.

I really did have a good birthday with my family here in Scotland.
It is however shocking that NONE of my so-called family in Germany (and i am NOT talking about my biological family, Ilse Stein and Kathrin-Jennifer Stein), except for my father, have took the time to even say congratulations on my birthday. The same goes for a lot of my so-called friends IRL/FB.

That is why I have decided to proceed with the “Big Culling of Friends 2017” and effectively have removed E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E that has not took the time to say even one or two words on this day.

Some might construe this as petty or even ‘nasty’ but here is the bottom-line. Why should I surround myself with people who have not even got the common decency to take 1 minute of their day for someone else?

If I have upset someone with my action(s), I can only say, “tough”.

I am DONE surrounding myself with people who cannot spare a minute for a ‘friend’ and/or ‘family-member’, I am trying very hard to improve my life and myself and this includes getting rid of emotional dead-weight and selfishness of other people.

If someone wants to comment or discuss this, that’s fine, I am always open to a constructive debate but I will not feed into other peoples selfishness.

Have a nice 1st of August and peace out

Hello emacs

So I have decided at my "old" age to learn something entirely new.
Instead of relying on some weird editor to format the stuff I write
correctly (amongst other things) I have decided to start using emacs as
my main editor.

This is actually born from following Handmade Hero (kudos to Casey from
Mollyrocket.com for the effort) as he is doing everything in emacs,
including the build itself.

I have in the past couple of days actually become so accustomed to this
way of working that emacs also replaced my default text editor on every
platform (including Windows, where I have even replaced the notepad.exe
with emacs, thanks to binary fortress
for the notepad replacer)

That shall be all for now, I was really testing this now with a link
between emacs and my wordpress install on this website.