Sebastian Meier zu Biesen (@)
born 31/07/1979
in Cuxhaven
a little sea-side village in the north west of Germany.

The first 6 years of my life have been somewhat turbulent.

In fact, most of my early life was like that, but nevermind that.
At the young age of 7 years my father had his first computer (Intel 286 @ 20 MHz) and I managed to lock myself (and thus my Dad) out by tinkering with the BIOS.

To escape the unavoidable bollocking after that, I spent 1 hour taking that desktop apart and somehow managed to reset the BIOS (thank you CR2032 battery lol)

After that I was hooked into computers. My own personal machine was actually a few years later a 486 DX/4 100MHz with 8 MB of Ram and from then on I sort of stayed on the train throughout the different developments in the past 20 odd years.

From Windows 3.0 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 to Windows NT 4.0. I’ve seen the birth of Windows 95 and it’s death with the arrival of Windows 98 SE (second edition) the best operating system (from M$) of its time. I’ve seen the still-birth named Windows ME *shudder* and dealt with Windows Server Operating System up until Windows 2012 R2

And although I have spent a considerable amount of time around the M$ products I developed a love for Linux when I worked on my first home router which was based on FLI4L a one disk router (and I am talking of 1.44 MB floppy disks)

Ever since then I am a strong advocate of the FOSS movement and I believe that almost all office based things can be realized one way or another under linux in a more efficient and more cost-saving way.

I have also danced with programming languages. During school IT courses I got to know first Basic *again shudder* and then later on Turbo Pascal 6.0 which was effectively the first language which was a true OOP language. Since then I have dabbled in Delphi (which is the Windows equivalent of Turbo Pascal) and then I had a phase where I concentrated a lot on emerging web technologies. Through this I learned HTML (is NOT a programming language) JS, CSS and then to top it off I specialized in PHP which allowed me to fully understand a lot of emerging technologies and also helped me in a lot IT related jobs that I was in.

In the past years I have also learned C# to some extend to get back into Windows Programming but find myself not finding a project worth following through to fully grasp this language.

Also in my private life there has been a LOT of ups and downs and I shall endeavor to write this adventures down here aswell as I remember them.

I hope this helps understand the enigma wrapped in a riddle that I am.

Should you wish to find out more, just browse this blog and you will find a lot of my heart and soul poured into text.