coding is a bastard

as one can see here, I’ve been quite busy 😉

well to be precise, I’m about to start development engaged on a project called JAF. More about it can be found at :

but besides that, I had a good couple of weeks 🙂 My baby-girl (Jessica-Chloé) has grown steadily, and started to babble in the last couple of weeks 😀

It’s just about another month b4 she has an assessment on her hips. She might end up getting a surgery to correct the position of her hips, not something I am looking forward to, but hey we’ve mastered other things in our live, we’ll get thru this 😉

Since I have not been so well the last couple of days (damn flu) JC’s granny was so great to help me out with JC, so I could get some rest, and finally starting to feel like a human again 😉 You can tell by the fact that i brought up the energy today to redecorate my living-room, so that I, in fact, now have somewhat of a desk-area and not just a laptop on ma lap 😉

Another thing that I’m glad about: I finally managed to get my finances in order, my internet is coming back, and I have no outstanding bills, whatsoever 😀

I think that should be enough for a Sunday afternoon 😉

Peace out!