a cold saturday mornin

after having spent last night tryin to fix my vps (running cent-os 5.1 at that time) and having re-compiled virtually everything from apache, php, python to subversion i gave up at about 3am and decided to give it a new go this morning.
So the first best thing i thought of doing was changing the server-distro, tried fedora 8 for a while (like 30 mins or so :P), and didn’t like it.
Strangely enough i ended up using ubuntu hardy heron (8.04), and I must say it was a breeze to get Trac and it’s plugins running on that server.
So at the moment, I am recommiting the code of JAF back into svn and then FINALLY i can go back to MY work and program and not spent hours and days on setting up and maintaining a bleeding server (‘xcuse my french there :P)

I’ll prolly write some more l8er on or rather tomorrow, not sure yet, just keep yer eyes peeled 😉

Peace out