And now to a bad piece of news :

When I came home on last wednesday to check on my flat, i had to discover, that some asshole broke into my flat and literally took everything of value that was left (thankful enough my most expensive possessions were at my girlfriends house)

Here follows a short list of things that were stolen :

  1. My DELL-Server with almost 250 GB of data accumulated in the last couple of years
  2. A 15″ TFT-Flatscreen
  3. Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
  4. Soundblaster X-Fi 5.1 USB
  5. Logitech 5.1 Speakerset
  6. Star Trek : TNG Seasons 1-7 (The full DVD-Boxset)
  7. Battlestar Galactica (Seasons 1-4 including the Miniseries)
  8. About 30 other DVD’s including things like :
  • Indiana Jones 1-4
  • House of Flying Daggers
  • and many more (can’t even think of all the movies that are lost)

Nevermind the fact that said asshole also rummaged through Jessica-Chloe’s Clothes and toys. In all honesty, that dude/dudette should be glad that I wasn’t home, cuz I would’ve killed him/her. And I’m not even joking, would’ve just plain threw him/her out the windows on the 10th floor (where my flat is), just simply for breaking into my house with my daughter around.

Anyhoo, to more pleasant news: The relationship with my GF (Kerry) is going absolutely swimmingly 🙂 And even tho I now basically took on responsibility for 4 more kids and am atm living as the only male in a household with 6 lassies, my life is finally coming together as it should 🙂

A big thx goes out to Kerry at this point for taking me in and supporting me in these times, luv ya hun *kisses*

cy’all around and peace out

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