GAAAHHH Technology!!!

I have fought with my phone (Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro) for the last few days.

I was actually trying to install a custom rom named “CyaNoGen Froyo” (Android 2.2), because unfortunately SE have decided to stop updating the Software for this phone.

Being stuck at Android 2.1 means most and foremost, not being able to use the app2sd facility. That, in turn, means that all apps are getting installed into the rather meager internal memory of the phone. Seeing that I got a 8GB SD card in that phone, that seems rather stupid, if i could install most apps onto the sd instead 🙂

After a lot of googling, research, and painstaking recoveries of the phone I finally found the solution to use App2sd on stock SE rom (as of time of writing : 2.1-update1)

Step 1 : Partition your card to contain (at least) 2 partitions, one for your normal day to day data (like pictures, music etc) and the second to actually contain the installed apps. (Thx Taylor Wimberly from for this rather conclusive how-to)

Edit: Instead of creating the second partition as ext2, you have to go for fat32 with the X10 Mini Pro. Apparently this phone doesn’t support ext2/3/4 . Doesn’t make a difference tho, it works just as well.

Step 2 : Download Link2SD from Android Market and start it. You get asked what format the 2nd partition on your sd-card has and you point to fat32. Press the Left Key (Menu) and “Filter” the apps by user.
Press Menu again and choose “Multi-Select”

Check the Apps you want to move, press “Menu” again and choose “Create Link”

Now have patience and all the chosen apps will get moved (will take a couple of minutes, depending on how many apps you installed/chose)

Go into the Settings of Link2d, check “Auto link”, that makes sure that any newly installed app, get automagically moved into the sd card.


peace out