whats changed?

Hello folks,

since I have been able to recover most of my blog to a working state I have also implemented a few changes. Let me outline below how this setup works and what has changed since my last version.

Namecheap is my webhost (and has been for some time). While they might not be the best webhost I have encountered in my past, they are fairly decent and the speed provided is good enough for my blog. This whole blog is self-hosted with WordPress and multiple plugins. Most importantly there is iThemes Security and W3 Total Cache.

Also there is Bad Behavior, Jetpack by WordPress and a few others.

Content is being served through Amazon Cloudfront for improved delivery speed of images and other content, while W3TC helps me keep a tight ship and fairly decent generated website output.

Also you will be able to see if I am streaming on twitch (see About->Minecraft) and/or if I am playing Minecraft on my server. More to these subjects can be found as mentioned in the top menu under About -> Minecraft

Since my last setup I have been able to find a theme for wordpress that appeals to me and is “professional” enough to be presentable. In the past I prided myself in having websites that were fully conform with W3C standards, but I have noticed there are certain limitations to that if you want to keep your website more dynamic and up-to-date by modern standards.

At any rate, I am happy with the result so far and I will start filling this site with more content for posterity.

The next post, (scheduled for tomorrow) will be a bit of personal history from the past few months.


Until then
Peace Out