My next project

Hey folks,

just as I stumbled across this post : I was thinking back to the good old days of eBox (before it became Zentyal) and how I had attempted to build one of those myself (to some degree). I remember setting up a samba server with ldap authentication against an openldap directory which I had to populate myself.

Then a few months later i stumbled across eBox and also looked at SMB Linux(?) need to confirm and how much I wished I had known about this back when I needed it lol

I would however like to re-visit this at some point soon and build a linux server that will serve as file-server slash auth-realm.

I have got a server sitting at home that at the moment runs on a virtual xen-server instance, meaning: the xen-server runs bare-metal and virtualizes a Windows 2008 R2 instance.

I have even managed to successfully run this synchronized against Azure AD => Active Directory but then something happened somewhere along the road and my machine doesn’t log into the AD anymore. My partners computer however does this without complaining :O

At the moment I am contemplating between either a FreeNAS installation on that same piece of hardware, or possibly go with a naked debian console only server and start adding stuff to it. I would basically be looking at installing openldap from scratch (hence the post from above) populate the directory with information. Create Users and Groups in it. Samba 4, Heimdall (Kerberos 5), and then go on with nginx as a webserver to get an owncloud instance running which will also authenticate against the same ldap directory.

I hope to be able to post another post when I am doing this work.

In fact, I am planning to document my efforts on either of those two projects also in this blog, and most importantly, share “lightbulb” moments when they occur

Until then,