Let’s talk about …

hey folks,

so today I have decided to sit down and think what I want to be doing with this site in future.

I still want to go upload youtube videos and do some minecraft stuff on there.
One of the issues I had in the past was that my rig was not quite what it needs to be to be playing and recording videos at the same time.

I have recently updated my rig with a new graphics card. I got a Nvidia GTX 660 Ti with 2GB ram, we have also fairly recently upgraded to a 42 inch tv (as opposed to a 32 inch old 4:3 tube telly lol.
With this beast there is 1080p/i display at 1920×1080 pixel in glorious HD 😀

So I have been somewhat occupied recently with playing through some of my games to see them in a new light.

Since my rig is now powerful enough, I am now trying to decide how to plan these videos. I will for starters possibly just record some videos on a weekly basis and upload them to youtube. I will still need to see how I am going to go about commenting the videos while recording. I am also thinking that I might make this in a format where I am playing together with my Partner and we will then record some sort of twitch stream. Not sure yet, need to discuss with Veronica 🙂 hint hint

Anyhoo, I have admittedly been fairly absent from the blog in the past and I vow to make this better as I also want to be able to look back on my experiences and recollections and keep a record of stuff as well as record the former for posterity lol

For now I shall leave it at that and I will update again as soon as.

peace out