a rant on my birthday

Right folks, it’s time for a little rant methinks.

I really did have a good birthday with my family here in Scotland.
It is however shocking that NONE of my so-called family in Germany (and i am NOT talking about my biological family, Ilse Stein and Kathrin-Jennifer Stein), except for my father, have took the time to even say congratulations on my birthday. The same goes for a lot of my so-called friends IRL/FB.

That is why I have decided to proceed with the “Big Culling of Friends 2017” and effectively have removed E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E that has not took the time to say even one or two words on this day.

Some might construe this as petty or even ‘nasty’ but here is the bottom-line. Why should I surround myself with people who have not even got the common decency to take 1 minute of their day for someone else?

If I have upset someone with my action(s), I can only say, “tough”.

I am DONE surrounding myself with people who cannot spare a minute for a ‘friend’ and/or ‘family-member’, I am trying very hard to improve my life and myself and this includes getting rid of emotional dead-weight and selfishness of other people.

If someone wants to comment or discuss this, that’s fine, I am always open to a constructive debate but I will not feed into other peoples selfishness.

Have a nice 1st of August and peace out