Little changes

Hello folks,


aside from the obvious change of the theme on this site, I had to also re-install the actual WP install as it was runnning sluggish and had issues with the aching that was going on in the background.

These issues should now be sorted out and I would hope that the experience is a lot smoother when visiting this site.

I am also about to upload another YouTube Video which will finally represent S1E2 of my FTB:Infinity Adventures.

I have also managed to get my partner in crime involved in this and she will be joining us in the future on this channel.

At the moment we still need headsets to be able to record our commentaries etc while streaming but that will come soon 🙂

whats changed?

Hello folks,

since I have been able to recover most of my blog to a working state I have also implemented a few changes. Let me outline below how this setup works and what has changed since my last version.

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Stairway to LPI

I have recently started to go back to school, well kind of.
When starting with GFI I sort of settled with going into support and learning all there is to learn with their products and just in general give good customer support.

While that in itself is a good attainable goal it only satisfies me for so long. When looking through the online courses offered by GFI I stumbled upon the Redhat Basic course which was a good refresher aswell as a good opportunity to be reminded of best practises for Redhat based systems.

But to be perfectly frank with myself, there is no real reward for finishing that course. That’s like of the School Sports Days where you came home with a “Certificate of Participation”,

‘Well done you, you came and pretended to do some sport’

Fuck that!
So I have decided to follow an actual Certification Path

And the winner is : Junior Systems Administrator for Redhat Enterprise 6 certified by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) At the moment my teamleader is still trying to find out how the cost side of things works with this certificate, but I am sure something can be worked out. Worst case scenario, I do it myself, at least then for a long time in my life I can show a piece of paper proving that I have learnt something 😛

Imho you shouldn’t need something like that, ‘the prove is in the administrator’ but that is just my personal take on that.

Well let’s see how I get on with that, at the moment I am sitting on the train on my way home and hope that my wife picks me up 😀 *hint hint*

so long and
peace out

another day at the grindstone

Having started at 7:40 this morning and finally getting out of the office at 17:15 I have spent nearly 10 hours at work, trying to catch up with yesterdays massive work that piled up, because monday was bank holiday and so everyone logged cases yesterday.

Ah well at least I have managed to get my queues down to a manageable level. Anyways: I have also done some more work on my Redhat Course that I have signed up for, and my goal is to try and finish it by end July, beginning of August, even though my expected date of completion is more around the end of September.

The one thing I am struggling with at the moment is the decision, what direction to go next in my training. There is really two obvious choices here, a) keep in the linux track and try to certify myself as a Redhat technician, or b) go down the Microsoft route and try to attain a minimum of MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) working my way up to the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) even though that is not really where I see myself in 5-10 years.

I’d rather actually concentrate on development, the likes of PHP/Python/Ruby because I strongly believe, that the future of computing is happening in the cloud and that obviously requires a good solid base for backends based on webservers, that are generating content for the average user to interact with. I have had quite some experience in developing for PHP which I really enjoyed, even though I am admittedly not a designer, meaning my graphic designs SUCK! No, really!

This shall be last of my rant for today, and I will publish some more thoughts during the next few days.

Peace out