Dropbox and Nextcloud/Owncloud icons fixed in Mint Linux

Hey folks,

We’ve all seen this probably, you install Linux Mint (or whatever Debian/Ubuntu based distro is your poison of choice lol) and you add the apt repo’s to install Dropbox/Nextcloud/OwnCloud, you install the app, it asks you nicely how you would like to log in, authenticates you, even starts synching as you can see the files pouring in, but wait!! where is the tray icon??

I like Dropbox/Nextcloud, as a matter of fact, my WordPress backups all live on Dropbox and get rotated and so forth (thanks to UpdraftPlus for that).
I use Nextcloud (which is a fork of Owncloud AFAIK) in my network to keep user profiles consistent across multiple OS and machines. If anyone is interested I’ll make a write-up on how to do this properly. 🙂

BUT the big caveat was that both didn’t show any icons in the tray bar of my favourite Linux Distro. I scoured forums etc and have come across the solution that simply introducing a delay into the startup of the app would solve it.

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